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January 30, 2009

My husband has a cold…and he asked me last night if I was getting it…and I was like, hell no! And today…I’m like, Hell No, I think I’m getting sick…got the sniffles, a little foggy headed…and tonight, is my Girl’s Night Out and tomorrow night we’re actually going out with Friends…so I must get better, now. LOL…



January 29, 2009

My last two, shit maybe all, posts make me sound like a scatterbrain…b/c I start talking about something and then all of a sudden something else pops into my head and I have to say that. I just read the last one and laughed…b/c I’m all talking about me and school and then I throw one last sentence about Cory…it’s just that sometimes I am getting interrupted and I have to stop so I just throw in whatever else I wanted to say…

College Algebra

January 29, 2009

I’m taking College Algebra online~b/c my husband is gone so much and it’s hard to go to school at night…I’d have to find a sitter two nights a week, etc. It’s just hard and costly. But I am pretty positive at this point that I’m going to take it next semester in the classroom and let my oldest watch my youngest for the 2 1/2 hours 2 nights a week when his Dad is out of town. I never realized how hard this online class would be…and I HAVE to take this class.

I just dropped it….I had to…there was no way I was going to pass it without spending 2 or more as much time as I would in the classroom. I feel relieved…and I’m glad I did it now b/c I get a full refund since I dropped before the class was in session 12 calendar days. My husband…he called me a quitter. Asshole! I understand I quit….but this was after hours of studying, trying, worrying, contemplating…and he knew that…and with everything going on with Cory…I need this extra time to be there for him….he was here tonight and he was perfect…it was a relief.

Crazy busy

January 28, 2009

I’ve been crazy busy lately between school and work and the kids school-work. I even stayed home yesterday b/c of the snow and worked from 7:45 am until 4:45 pm…at home…
I’m really stressed out lately…I’m having problems with “my” oldest. He’s always kinda had that ungrateful attitude…however, he’s still an awesome kid…it’s just when it comes to holidays, birthday, vacations…it seems like nothing is ever enough…but I deal with it b/c he’s such an awesome kid anyway…very mature for his age. He’s also appeared to deal with everything very well too…you know, glass is half full type of kid. Well, I think between the marriage in May and the adoption this January…he’s just having a hard time digesting it all…atleast that’s what I’m hoping it is…I don’t want this to be his teenage years. It’s very, extremely difficult with him right now…it’s too hard to even explain in detail. Basically he is going from being very sweet to very difficult, then he is downright mean to me…and then he breaks down crying. He says he’s upset about the divorce (his Dad and I divorced over 5 years ago)….and I think he’s just now the age where this is all beginning to bother him. I’m getting him into counseling…and hopefully we (and his Dad) can all go and help him through this…b/c I just can’t stress what an awesome kid he is….and I keep remembering what a wonderful little boy he was and what a wonderful student he’s been…and some of his grades are slipping now too…and I just think it’s all about the past year’s events, etc…
Gotta go to a meeting…

Kayleigh Freeman

January 22, 2009

Busy weekend…

January 19, 2009

Friday night we had a night out! That rarely happens with 4 kids. However, I was able to adjust the schedule and my two went to their Dad’s.  The neighbors daughter came and watched R2D2 (Devon and Dylan) and when our regular babysitter (who rarely babysits for us) got off work she came and stayed the night.  The next morning she had to go to work, but our neighbors daughter was able to come back over and watch the boys the rest of the morning.

We went with our neighbors to The Lumiere for a night of fun (and someone’s 21st bday).  We ate, gambled a bit, and then walked over to this awesome piano bar… It was really great.  Two pianos and 5 or 6 guys just switching out and singing whatever song you wrote down on a piece of paper and handed to them….including Gin and Juice (and the guy singing it was in his 50s!).  We went back to The Lumiere and gambled a bit more….and then headed off to bed at 3 am.

Saturday was a day of recovery! I’m too old to stay up til 3 am and wake up at 8:30 am.  So we laid in bed all day and watched The Notebook and The Patriot….nice relaxing day. 

Saturday night our best buddy came over with his daughter and we played Wii bowling! Love it!

Sunday, my family came over for a get together.  We had 11 kids and 9 adults! It was a lot of fun… We at dinner and just hung out. 

And today, back to the grind….

Sad Day

January 15, 2009

Today’s a sad day at my work…well, today, this week, tomorrow….

Approximately 60 days ago a layoff was announced…well, people were sent appointments and notified of their job loss.  Fortunately, and I believe by our state law, they were given a 60 day notice and a severence package.

Some have found jobs, others haven’t…

I’m losing some of my very good friends….

So today, and again, tomorrow, and like I said, all week, emails have been going out…those damn farewell emails….

This economy really, really sucks! I sure hope things turn around soon.


January 15, 2009

I’m so lazy right now.

You know what I should be doing?

I should be studying my review section of my College Algebra book to ensure I’m ready to start the class next week.

I should be doing laundry.

I should be working out (I’ll probably do that tonight).

I should be playing with my Embryo, otherwise known as Ben (he’s attached to me like glue, God love him).

I should be putting the clean whites away.

So, what am I doing (besides the obvious?)?

I’m watching a Rerun of  17 Kids and Counting…

I have to get up!

Cold Weather

January 14, 2009

Well, dangit! School’s canceled for tomorrow due to the cold weather and blustery winds.  My Honey’s outta town so I need to get to work on daycare for my youngest boys.  They’re only scheduled for a half day on Friday…might as well take that day off too!


January 14, 2009

I adopted my 2 stepsons last Tuesday! It was  “a long time coming” as they say.  I’ve been with my husband for over 5 years and during that time they’ve probably seen their Mom 3 times….I think…they haven’t spoken to her on the phone since Sep 20, 1997 I think….it was Devon’s birthday…and it only upset both of them to hear from her. 

She was aware of the adoption process… I emailed her to let her know my intentions and her response was obviously negative.  But when I responded to her I explained that she had not been their mother for the last 5 years and that she did have that option.  She never replied. She, in fact, abandoned them, by our state’s standards.  So, she had already been proven unfit.

The adoption day was still a nervous day for both my husband and me.  I kept expecting her to show up…even though she lives 17 or more hours away. 

So, I’m now the “official” mother of 4 wonderful “stinky” boys!