Fish Soup

So, last week my husband decided he was going to make Fish Soup.  He travels quite often and had been home over the holidays….cooking constantly….but he’d never made Fish Soup.

The recipe called for a food processor (so the soup could be pureed)…which we didn’t have…and he had recently destroyed our blender by burning out the motor.  So, we called our neighbors who promptly sent over their Smoothie Maker….cause they didn’t have a blender or a food processor. 

He promptly filled the smoothie maker with hot fish soup and turned it on. Some things to note: The cabinets above the smoothie maker were open as C was unloading the dishwasher.  The dishwasher was open since C was unloading it.  I was standing right next to him.  So, HOT fish soup went everywhere….it came out of the sides of the lid and through the small hole in the top where the smoothie stirrer is….

Honey was pretty burnt on his left wrist….:(  And our clean dishes in the dishwasher, then inside of the dishwasher, the open cabinets, the stove, countertop and underside of the cabinets were covered in hot, smelly fish soup. 

I cleaned up the mess (while cussing) while he iced his wrist….poor guy…

We learned from our other neighbor that we needed to vent the top of the smoothie maker…so Honey did….and it worked!

Oh, and the soup….it was Awesome!


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