I adopted my 2 stepsons last Tuesday! It was  “a long time coming” as they say.  I’ve been with my husband for over 5 years and during that time they’ve probably seen their Mom 3 times….I think…they haven’t spoken to her on the phone since Sep 20, 1997 I think….it was Devon’s birthday…and it only upset both of them to hear from her. 

She was aware of the adoption process… I emailed her to let her know my intentions and her response was obviously negative.  But when I responded to her I explained that she had not been their mother for the last 5 years and that she did have that option.  She never replied. She, in fact, abandoned them, by our state’s standards.  So, she had already been proven unfit.

The adoption day was still a nervous day for both my husband and me.  I kept expecting her to show up…even though she lives 17 or more hours away. 

So, I’m now the “official” mother of 4 wonderful “stinky” boys!


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