Sad Day

Today’s a sad day at my work…well, today, this week, tomorrow….

Approximately 60 days ago a layoff was announced…well, people were sent appointments and notified of their job loss.  Fortunately, and I believe by our state law, they were given a 60 day notice and a severence package.

Some have found jobs, others haven’t…

I’m losing some of my very good friends….

So today, and again, tomorrow, and like I said, all week, emails have been going out…those damn farewell emails….

This economy really, really sucks! I sure hope things turn around soon.


3 Responses to “Sad Day”

  1. thesleepingfox Says:

    The same thing happened with my company… except no one was given the honor of a 60-days notice to look for other jobs… It’s quite sad, I agree.

  2. jaynee Says:

    I didn’t get a 60-day notice. I got a 10-minute notice at 5:30 p.m. Not fun and completely unexpected. I felt like I was getting fired because they were so sneaky about it.

    • katye77 Says:

      See, that’s just crappy on their part. The people that got let go at my company were very lucky…and they all know it…I guess that was their perk for working for a huge company…they’re too afraid of being sued or something…
      I hope things work out for you!

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