Busy weekend…

Friday night we had a night out! That rarely happens with 4 kids. However, I was able to adjust the schedule and my two went to their Dad’s.  The neighbors daughter came and watched R2D2 (Devon and Dylan) and when our regular babysitter (who rarely babysits for us) got off work she came and stayed the night.  The next morning she had to go to work, but our neighbors daughter was able to come back over and watch the boys the rest of the morning.

We went with our neighbors to The Lumiere for a night of fun (and someone’s 21st bday).  We ate, gambled a bit, and then walked over to this awesome piano bar… It was really great.  Two pianos and 5 or 6 guys just switching out and singing whatever song you wrote down on a piece of paper and handed to them….including Gin and Juice (and the guy singing it was in his 50s!).  We went back to The Lumiere and gambled a bit more….and then headed off to bed at 3 am.

Saturday was a day of recovery! I’m too old to stay up til 3 am and wake up at 8:30 am.  So we laid in bed all day and watched The Notebook and The Patriot….nice relaxing day. 

Saturday night our best buddy came over with his daughter and we played Wii bowling! Love it!

Sunday, my family came over for a get together.  We had 11 kids and 9 adults! It was a lot of fun… We at dinner and just hung out. 

And today, back to the grind….


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