Crazy busy

I’ve been crazy busy lately between school and work and the kids school-work. I even stayed home yesterday b/c of the snow and worked from 7:45 am until 4:45 pm…at home…
I’m really stressed out lately…I’m having problems with “my” oldest. He’s always kinda had that ungrateful attitude…however, he’s still an awesome kid…it’s just when it comes to holidays, birthday, vacations…it seems like nothing is ever enough…but I deal with it b/c he’s such an awesome kid anyway…very mature for his age. He’s also appeared to deal with everything very well too…you know, glass is half full type of kid. Well, I think between the marriage in May and the adoption this January…he’s just having a hard time digesting it all…atleast that’s what I’m hoping it is…I don’t want this to be his teenage years. It’s very, extremely difficult with him right now…it’s too hard to even explain in detail. Basically he is going from being very sweet to very difficult, then he is downright mean to me…and then he breaks down crying. He says he’s upset about the divorce (his Dad and I divorced over 5 years ago)….and I think he’s just now the age where this is all beginning to bother him. I’m getting him into counseling…and hopefully we (and his Dad) can all go and help him through this…b/c I just can’t stress what an awesome kid he is….and I keep remembering what a wonderful little boy he was and what a wonderful student he’s been…and some of his grades are slipping now too…and I just think it’s all about the past year’s events, etc…
Gotta go to a meeting…


One Response to “Crazy busy”

  1. nominimom Says:

    Sounds like you’re right in the reasons why he’s having troubles. You are such a great mom! I know you will do whatever you can to help him through this! I hope things improve for/with him soon.

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