College Algebra

I’m taking College Algebra online~b/c my husband is gone so much and it’s hard to go to school at night…I’d have to find a sitter two nights a week, etc. It’s just hard and costly. But I am pretty positive at this point that I’m going to take it next semester in the classroom and let my oldest watch my youngest for the 2 1/2 hours 2 nights a week when his Dad is out of town. I never realized how hard this online class would be…and I HAVE to take this class.

I just dropped it….I had to…there was no way I was going to pass it without spending 2 or more as much time as I would in the classroom. I feel relieved…and I’m glad I did it now b/c I get a full refund since I dropped before the class was in session 12 calendar days. My husband…he called me a quitter. Asshole! I understand I quit….but this was after hours of studying, trying, worrying, contemplating…and he knew that…and with everything going on with Cory…I need this extra time to be there for him….he was here tonight and he was perfect…it was a relief.


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