Weekly post

It’s looking like Friday’s my only day to actually post a blog. During the week is so busy with kids homework and my work.
This week I picked my brother up from the airport. I haven’t seen him in almost 6 yrs b/c he got in a little trouble some time back and was caught and well, now he’s out. He’s not a bad guy…just has had some addiction problems. He has grown up so much but has also aged a lot. We’re twins and he looks 5 years or so older than me…guess that’s what a place like that’ll do to you. I missed him so much…he’s living with my parents now…and he’s going to go back to school…He seems like he’s going to stay on the straight and narrow (he has kind of been on his own for 16 months at a conversion center that’s supposed to help with getting back to the real world)…I’m cautiously optimistic.
I’m so glad it’s the weekend. I really have nothing planned…watching our friends daughter tomorrow night so we’ll be spending Valentine’s Evening at home…which is fine with me…I’ll just make him cook me something good…since he’s such an awesome cook and all:)


2 Responses to “Weekly post”

  1. No Minimom Says:

    Good news about your brother. Hope things continue to move onward and upward for him!

  2. abunslife Says:

    thanks for coming by with your well wishes!! it means a lot!!

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