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March 13, 2009

First off, I’m irritated with my oldest. Even after a long talk with a co-worker who was giving me advice on how to discipline my son (which I really appreciated). Here’s the deal. He likes to eat lunch at school…meaning a school lunch not a take home lunch. Anyway, that is always fine and dandy with me b/c we are so busy that there isn’t much time to stop and make a lunch, make sure there’s the right food for sack lunches, etc. All through this year we’ve been having problems with him going overboard on the food. Things like buying a slush, extra sandwiches, chips, cookies. The rule, as it has always been, is you get your lunch (fruit and veg included) and you may have either a cookie or a bag of chips…just one thing extra. Because, if I’m gonna pay a ton for lunch, it’s not gonna be cafeteria food. Well, time and time again I’ve discovered (because I micromanage my kids) by looking online at his food service acct. that he is continuing to buy extra stuff…even though he’s been told over and over again not to. Well, last Monday, I’d had it b/c he gets all this extra stuff and then his brother gets screwed and has to have an alternative lunch (pb&j or ham&chz). See, I put money in expecting it to last then he eats so much more and uses up the money in Their lunch acct and then Dylan gets screwed. Dylan never gets more than he is supposed to but he gets stuck eating an alternative lunch b/c Devon won’t listen to us. So anyway, last Monday I told Devon that for the rest of the school year he wasnt going to take his lunch. He was going to eat breakfast before he left for school and make a lunch to take to school. Well, this morning on my way out of the neighborhood I saw his lunch bag on the other side of the little coutry road we live off. I know it was his. I’m 100% positive. And then, I look at his lunch acct and find out he’s been eating lunch and breakfast everyday since this started and while taking his lunch (or throwing it out, whatever it is he’s doing with it). On my way home, I’m going to see if the rest of his lunches are on the other side of the road. I’m livid. I just can’t believe that he’s pulling this shit! And, last night his teacher called b/c he missed two assignments this week and when she told me what he had for homework, I found out he’d lied to me.
My husband missed his flight home this morning and b/c STL is apparently a “popular Spring Break spot” according to the airlines, he may not be home until tomorrow eve. This sucks b/c his Mom is coming into town today for the weekend.
Last, and probably not least b/c it’s only 2 pm, one of my Dad’s good friends died 2 days ago. I had to call my Dad to tell him b/c he lives a couple of hours away and wouldn’t have known. I was actually able to tell my brother instead of my Dad which is good b/c I was very broken up about it. So my Dad is also coming in tonight for the funeral.
Oh, I almost forgot. I spent two days in an all day special meeting. I sat next to someone who is the top dog. I have never met anyone with such horrible manners in my entire life. He burped, farted, slurped, you name it. Every drink of soda was slurped with the utmost slurpyness, every bite of food was chewed with an open mouth and while he was talking. At one point, he even leaned over and ate a piece of lettuce off of his plate without his hands…! I almost went postal. And I will stop there so I don’t get dooced.
I know people have it worse. I remind myself of that everyday ( But today/this week has just been shitty.:(
Calgon (or Captain Morgan) take me away!


Weekly post

February 13, 2009

It’s looking like Friday’s my only day to actually post a blog. During the week is so busy with kids homework and my work.
This week I picked my brother up from the airport. I haven’t seen him in almost 6 yrs b/c he got in a little trouble some time back and was caught and well, now he’s out. He’s not a bad guy…just has had some addiction problems. He has grown up so much but has also aged a lot. We’re twins and he looks 5 years or so older than me…guess that’s what a place like that’ll do to you. I missed him so much…he’s living with my parents now…and he’s going to go back to school…He seems like he’s going to stay on the straight and narrow (he has kind of been on his own for 16 months at a conversion center that’s supposed to help with getting back to the real world)…I’m cautiously optimistic.
I’m so glad it’s the weekend. I really have nothing planned…watching our friends daughter tomorrow night so we’ll be spending Valentine’s Evening at home…which is fine with me…I’ll just make him cook me something good…since he’s such an awesome cook and all:)

Crazy busy

January 28, 2009

I’ve been crazy busy lately between school and work and the kids school-work. I even stayed home yesterday b/c of the snow and worked from 7:45 am until 4:45 pm…at home…
I’m really stressed out lately…I’m having problems with “my” oldest. He’s always kinda had that ungrateful attitude…however, he’s still an awesome kid…it’s just when it comes to holidays, birthday, vacations…it seems like nothing is ever enough…but I deal with it b/c he’s such an awesome kid anyway…very mature for his age. He’s also appeared to deal with everything very well too…you know, glass is half full type of kid. Well, I think between the marriage in May and the adoption this January…he’s just having a hard time digesting it all…atleast that’s what I’m hoping it is…I don’t want this to be his teenage years. It’s very, extremely difficult with him right now…it’s too hard to even explain in detail. Basically he is going from being very sweet to very difficult, then he is downright mean to me…and then he breaks down crying. He says he’s upset about the divorce (his Dad and I divorced over 5 years ago)….and I think he’s just now the age where this is all beginning to bother him. I’m getting him into counseling…and hopefully we (and his Dad) can all go and help him through this…b/c I just can’t stress what an awesome kid he is….and I keep remembering what a wonderful little boy he was and what a wonderful student he’s been…and some of his grades are slipping now too…and I just think it’s all about the past year’s events, etc…
Gotta go to a meeting…