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Random stuff

February 25, 2009

My honey’s out of town again this week. He travels a lot for his job. I’ve gotten used to it…the kids are kind of used to it. They hate it when he tells them he’s going out of town again…but they’re fine when he’s gone. The funny thing (not really) is that when he took this job, he said he wouldn’t be out of town as much as his last job. His last job came with many unexpected and longer duration trips (I hated it!). Now he knows ahead of time. So while he’s gone…my house stays clean and my laundry stays under control…cause he’s a pig…lol
Work is continuing to be a little crazy. Just a few big issues going on and its driving me batty trying to figure out how to resolve them. I’d also like to be told about them by my superiors instead of someone else or figuring it out myself.
We’ve finally figured out where we’re going for our honeymoon…we got married May 28, 2008. We’re going to Alaska! The place we’re going is beautiful…it is Redoubt Mountain Lodge. We’re very excited…no kids…no TV….just the two of us…aaahhhh…However, I am freaking out a bit b/c I found out yesterday that the Redoubt Volcano (8 miles from the lodge) is about to BLOW! Maybe…it’s definitely looking like a strong possibility. We’re not going until July…but what if it keeps doing this until July? I’d much rather it happen and be done with before we go otherwise I’ll be a nervous wreck the whole time I’m there!
Arighty, my hour is up…back to work!


Sad Day

January 15, 2009

Today’s a sad day at my work…well, today, this week, tomorrow….

Approximately 60 days ago a layoff was announced…well, people were sent appointments and notified of their job loss.  Fortunately, and I believe by our state law, they were given a 60 day notice and a severence package.

Some have found jobs, others haven’t…

I’m losing some of my very good friends….

So today, and again, tomorrow, and like I said, all week, emails have been going out…those damn farewell emails….

This economy really, really sucks! I sure hope things turn around soon.